Stop the clock. Reduce time cyber attackers can target your business.

Your network is an ever-expanding  ecosystem of dynamic assets. With applications spread across disparate systems, your expansive business environment presents potential blind spots threat actors can and will exploit. Resource limitations create challenges when trying to rapidly identify and remediate vulnerabilities before threat actors exploit them. Find your vulnerabilities and stop the clock before your business is disrupted with eSentire Managed Vulnerability Service, in partnership with Tenable.


comprehensive vulnerability identification

Comprehensive Vulnerability Identification

Identify asset vulnerabilities with precision across traditional and dynamic IT assets for continuous visibility across your expanding business environment.

risk prioritization

Active Risk Prioritization and Lifecycle Tracking

Focus on vulnerabilities that present the greatest potential risk with expert guidance to facilitate remediation prioritization against dangerous exploits.

dedicated expertise

Expertise Driving Continuous Optimization

Alleviate resource constraints with dedicated experts that provide end-to-end management and platform refinement for greater operational efficiency.

customized reporting

Co-Managed Flexibility With Reporting

Realize the benefits of a vulnerability management platform without the complexity complete with full system access and flexibility to run your own customized scans and reporting.


The clock is ticking

Digital transformation creates complexities that reduce your ability to move fast from finding vulnerabilities to remediating them. Learn how to find your blind spots before cyber attackers do.

Data Sheet

Managed Vulnerability Service

Resource limitations present challenges in rapidly identifying and remediating vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit. Learn how to stop the clock with eSentire Managed Vulnerability Service.


eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Vulnerability Service

This handy checklist helps you understand the benefits of vulnerability scanning and sift through the noise to visualize risk associated with inclusion or removal of signals from network, endpoint and logs.


Patch Before Perish

Vulnerability management is a race against time. Learn about your probability of exploitation and how to stop the clock.

White Paper

The Vulnerable Landscape: Metrics, Insights and Impact for Security Leaders

Review the new report on the probability of your organization being exploited and how to remediate before business disruption.

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Security tailored to your risk profile

Safeguard your business operation with our expansive capabilities designed to fit a broad range of needs.

Managed Detection and Response

Providing a spectrum of threat protection capabilities that go beyond alerting to disrupt threats.

Risk Advisory services

Expert consultants who help your organization assess, improve, and test your current risk profile.

Managed Prevention

Next-generation threat prevention with continuous hardening against the evolving threat landscape.

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